Group Presentations

This is an On-Site audio/visual Feng Shui Presentation for various interest groups such as Business Associations, Government and Non-profit organizations, Libraries/Museums and Schools, Health Care Professionals, Hospitality Industries and Private groups.

The group presentation is customized to meet the group’s interests.

For example, a presentation will be given for:

  • Brown bag lunch seminars
  • Trade shows and Conferences
  • Fund raisers
  • Just for fun for your private party

Topics of the presentations could be:

  • “What is Feng Shui? and how you can benefit from it”
  • “Enhancing your Relationships & Wealth with Feng Shui”
  • “Feng Shui Color Theory – Re-decorating with Feng Shui”
  •  “Stress Free Holidays with Feng Shui”

The presentation will consist of informative handouts, visuals and providing insights and laughter.   Please message or call me at 303-777-5153 for more information.