The Mesa House

Vacation House - Remodel
Asian Inspired Transitional
Services performed
Entire house remodeling, electrical and plumbing upgrades, furnishings and art selections and purchasing, stock all household items, landscaping and outdoor hot water soaking pool design and installation.
"I cannot adequately describe Eiko’s talent, care, and dedication. I’ve been a loyal and steadfast customer for nearly four years. I purchased my current home in Boulder four years ago with the intention of someday moving there.

I know I’d made the right choice in hiring Eiko when, after listening to me for a bit, she said, 'I see. You want it to be a sanctuary'. 'Yes! That’s right', I said.

And that’s what she did. From managing complex renovations, emergency constructions, to decorating and turning the house into that sanctuary, every step has been done with care and grace.
I continue to rely on Eiko not only because of her professionalism and dedication but because she knows exactly where everything needs to go and how it should be done.

I cannot recommend her highly enough."

J. C.
Home Owner
Boulder, Colorado