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Eiko's Comments
"I love designing bathrooms. The smaller the space gets, more creative ideas flow. This is the room where your personality reflects greatly and I enjoy creating most functional and intimate room each time I have the opportunity."

When people come into my home for the first time, more often than not they comment on how relaxing and attractive it is. About a decade ago, I had a Feng Shui and design consultation with Eiko, resulting in a transformation of my home and my experience within it. With her help, it now expresses what I value and love about the world and life.

Those of us who are familiar with Eiko know that she is beautiful inside and out and whatever project she takes on is a reflection of this beauty. The project that Eiko is currently helping me with is a bathroom remodel. Through questioning and clarification, Eiko has helped me to identify what I like and how to create it while staying within my budget.

From the smallest details to the big picture, she uses her imagination, creativity and highly honed practical skills. Problem solving is one of her fortes. With her support the project has gone from intimidating to FUN and exciting. Demolition starts on Tuesday. Stay tuned!!!

Boulder, Colorado