Joy's House

Residential - Remodel
Nature-Inspired Contemporary
Services performed
Living room, family room, kitchen, powder room, guest quarters remodeling. Furniture, lighting and art selections.
Eiko has a lovely presence. She is serene, confident and kind. We first hired Eiko about seven years ago to help choose paint colors for our new home. She helped us to boost the energy of the house, and her sense of color and the purpose it can give to a room was superb. This year, when we were ready to remodel our home, Eiko was the first person I called. She was with my every step of the way as we underwent a major remodel project.
She helped me to choose materials, colors and art for our new space. She was very open through the whole process to my ideas, and in the end, I feel that the outcome of our project was collaborative and fun.

J. G.
Home Owner
Denver, Colorado