CNH (Consultants in Nephrology and Hypertension)

Medical Office
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Lobby area finishes, furnishings and art selections
Additional Clinic

Previously I was commissioned to do a “makeover” for my client’s existing clinic, the Parker Kidney Center. As a result of the makeover the light from wrought iron chandeliers and the fireplace gave a warm glow to the waiting room furnished with dark brown and persimmon orange colors. The mood reflected a cozy autumn afternoon. Medium tone rich wood millwork and window treatments added visual weight suggesting the high quality of care provided.

Upon the opening of a new and improved clinic, doctors and nurses observed that patients were more relaxed and their usual complaints were dramatically reduced. Both the caregivers and patients felt well taken care of by being in a thoughtfully designed environment.

The doctors’ request to me for CNH, their new clinic, was to re-create the soothing emotional effect of the Parker Kidney Center – a welcoming, safe and non-clinical environment - but in a different style and color scheme. I started with color green, a symbol of new beginning and great health, as a base. The images of quiet water and water lilies, representing peace of mind and deep wisdom, were shown in the art works. Within seemingly simple arrangements of design elements, many other positive energetic symbols and cues were woven throughout the space. The result was an uplifting welcome lounge where patients can take a deep breath and feel optimistic as they prepare to meet the doctors.

Eiko Okura