The Art and Science of Feng Shui

Feng Shui (風水)- a direct translation of the word is “Wind” and “Water”.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science of “Wind” and “Water”, both integral elements of Mother Nature.   The science of Feng Shui will reflect on human life not only on a physical level but also on our psyche.  “Wind” and “Water” represents dynamic flowing life energy which penetrates through and transcends our very lives.    Feng Shui is the art of cultivation of this energy.

This energy is known as Chi (気).  Our environment, natural and man-made, is filled with Chi.   Feng Shui principles deal with with mysterious workings of Chi and give us sometimes practical, and other times magical insights into our modern lives.

While Chi is invisible, it is possible to observe the various types of Chi at work.

First of all, Chi speaks to your heart in silence as “feeling”.

You might have had an experience of feeling very welcomed and comfortable in a modest small house.   It’s decorating style might not be the same as yours, but the house makes you feel so good and at home.  This is a positive Feng Shui experience with the nurturing flow of Chi.

On the other hand, you are puzzled by your instant uneasiness as you walk into a beautiful office or a restaurant.   You might feel nervous, depressed or even agitated.   You can’t see anything wrong with these spaces, but feel something is not right.   You might be unconsciously sensing stacked, stagnant or leaky Chi, which causes negative reactions.    Our own experiences like these can show us how Chi of the spaces could influence our physical and also mental and emotional wellbeing.    Practice of Feng shui regulates the flow of Chi so that our environment becomes the solid foundation to build our life of happiness and contentment upon.

Secondly, Chi reveals itself as life events.

When we are out of touch with our feelings, the negative flow of Chi manifests as events in your life such as losing a job, drop in sales, reoccurring illness and accidents.   We tend to dismiss these events as coincidences, bad luck and a part of life we have no control over.

Feng Shui investigates the “cause” and “effect” relationship; I call it  “Feng Shui Patterns”.    It is the relationship between our living /working space and these previously mentioned “events”.   Once the patterns are identified, Feng Shui then offers the cures to mend and improve undesired Feng Shui Patterns.

As you can see, Feng Shui is for everyone and every circumstance.  I practice Feng Shui to create the time and space for you to experience the richness of life.   I believe our inner wisdom will be easily accessed when we place ourselves in the environment designed with discrimination and intention.  As a result, our inner truth will start expressing itself by naturally creating a supportive and beneficial outer environment.   Inner and outer go together hand in hand.  When this union if made in artful ways with Feng Shui, the end result takes a form of simple beauty.   And with this simple beauty, we become more aligned with who we really are and from that place we live a life of joy and freedom.

Feng Shui gives us subtle yet brilliant ways for us to be whole with ourselves and with our world.

In the beginning, Feng Shui is an inspiration.  In the process, you witness the mystery as Feng Shui unfolds.  In the end, you, yourself become the inspiration of the world.  This is the art and science of Feng Shui.

9 Red Envelopes

The tradition of the “Red Envelopes” is a beautiful ritual to maintain the purity and sacredness of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism (BTB) Feng Shui lineage.

The BTB consultants ask their clients to present them with specific numbers of red envelopes with small monetary offerings in them at the end of consultation, in addition to a consultation fee. Eiko usually asks 9 red envelopes, because the number 9 represents “completion” of the work. The money in the envelopes represents clients’ respect and gratitude for the Black Sect lineage, and the color red blesses and protects the giver and receiver of Feng Shui knowledge.

The giving and the receiving of the 9 Red Envelopes performed with respect is a very powerful Feng Shui practice by itself.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science.”

– Albert Einstein