“After my husband passed away, Eiko helped create a warm, supportive environment for me and my daughter – where we could heal, find hope and design a bright future.”
— W.H  Golden, CO


“Eiko is as diligent as she is creative. She is the kind of designer who acts more as a partner. She helps bring out the best of who you are and the environment you’d feel best being in. We’ve worked together now on several projects over two years and I trust her more than ever before. I trust her intelligence, care, and concern as much as I trust her design and sense of place and order. I come home now and breathe and relax. Thank you, Eiko.”
— Jerry Colonna, Boulder, CO


“I was extremely fortunate to find Eiko Okura. We just completed phase one of our work and my bedroom is the most beautiful room I’ve ever had in one of my homes.  I appreciate her design style.   I value the most is her grace and energy. One of our goals was to Feng Shui to create more flow in my romantic relationships and well let me share, it is working big time. Thank you, Eiko for everything. Look forward to starting phase two soon. ”
— Brian Tsuchiya, Boulder, CO


“My experience with Eiko Okura has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over the past 3 1/2 years, I have found her to be dependable, honest and one of the most creative and talented interior designers I have ever seen. Her knowledge of Feng Shui is also remarkable.

Interior Design

“Eiko had her work cut out for her when she was commissioned to Feng Shui my home. I was a pack rat. Artwork and memorabilia were stuffed in every corner of every room in the house. As the project progressed and her vision began to emerge…all I could say was, “Wow”. Today, everyone that comes to visit our home remark how wonderful the house looks and feels. It’s now a home of warmth, grace and beauty because of Eiko’s talents.

Feng Shui for Romance

“Feng Shui worked for me…

I am a young widow. For several years (after my husband’s death), my singular focus was my daughter’s well being. But now felt it was a good time to begin dating. Eiko made a simple Feng Shui suggestion to attract romance. Three weeks later I accepted an invitation for a blind date. My ‘blind date’ and I have been together and very happy for over three years now.

Feng Shui for Family Harmony

“Two years ago, my 27-year-old daughter and I had a falling out and hadn’t spoken for several months. Eiko made two Feng Shui suggestions. Within a month my daughter called me and we have resumed a close and loving relationship.

Feng Shui for Career

“Recently, my career was struggling. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to support my family. I called Eiko. She made several suggestions. Within days, projects that seemed shelved were revived. Other possibilities are abundant. While I’m not the “Million Dollar Woman” (yet), I feel that my career is moving in a very positive direction.

It is my pleasure and an honor to offer my endorsement of Eiko Okura and her many talents.”

– Cecile, Englewood, Colorado

“I have worked with Eiko on several residential and commercial projects, utilizing both her Feng Shui and Interior Design skills. She is the most pleasant, reliable and skillful design consultant I have ever worked with. She added tremendous creativity, refinement, grace and value to every project. I give her my highest recommendation.”

– Scott Rodwin, AIA
Principal, Rodwin Architecture

“Eiko’s ability to transform energy and enhance function of any space is impeccable.   Her presence is skillful, honest and nurturing.  The solutions she offer are simple, creative and cost effective.   Mostly, the results I have experienced have been immediate.   I am very blessed to have found Eiko.”

– Dr. A. Siow,  Colorado Springs

I highly recommend Eiko Okura for both her Feng Shui and Interior Design Consulting.

Eiko has done a consultation for me personally, and in addition she has worked with many, many of my clients before putting their homes on the market to sell. Not only have my clients enjoyed working with her, but they have felt that because of her suggestions their homes not only look better, but feel better too!  And although there is no way to know “for sure”, we feel as though the homes have gone Under Contract more quickly because of Eiko’s expertise!!

– Lynne McDougal, WK Real Estate. Boulder, CO