Home and Business Owners

Interior Design Consultation for Homes and Businesses

Eiko offers various Interior Design services for homeowners and business owners.  Please see Interior Design Services for details of the Interior Design services Eiko offers.

“Mini-Interior Design” service is for people who do not require full design service but want a little help on “putting a space together”.  Eiko will assist you with selecting interior paint colors, arranging furniture and accessories you already own or go shopping with you to local furnishing stores.

Feng Shui On-Site Consultation for Homes and Businesses

Feng Shui On-Site Consultation starts from observation of the neighborhood environment as well as exterior/interior spaces.  Eiko will analyze the pattern of the Chi flow and give “cures” or adjustments to create more harmony and balance in the space.   For an explanation of Chi see the About Feng Shui page.

Eiko will travel outside of Denver/Boulder Metro areas in Colorado, as well as out of state.   Please contact Eiko for her traveling information.

Feng Shui Telephone Consultation for Homes and Businesses

Eiko will study your architectural plans and drawings and photographs of your property and have a telephone meeting with long distant clients.

Interior Design & Feng Shui Consultation for New Construction and Remodeling

This service is available for home and business owners who are building a new home or facility, or planning additions and remodeling to existing buildings.   Eiko will work with your design team, architect and contractors from the beginning of the project.    Eiko’s role as a Feng Shui Designer is to insure that all the team members integrate Feng Shui principles and interior design requirements into their specific design areas.   As your principal Interior Designer, Eiko will offer services in the areas of interior space planning and finish specifications.  This includes flooring, wall treatment & paint colors, lighting design, furnishings/art/accessory/window treatment selections, as well as purchasing and installation.

Feng Shui Analysis for Relocation

This service is offered to the clients who are buying a new home or looking for a new office space.    Eiko will assist in narrowing down the prospects and suggest the best location and space for the client.   This can be done as on-site analysis or telephone consultation.

Feng Shui & Staging Consultation for Selling a House and a Business

This consultation is specifically designed to sell a house or a business.   Even many attractive homes possess overlooked Feng Shui aspects that subtly dissuade potential buyers.  Eiko will identify and remedy these issues, and enhance the home’s strong selling points.  Her remedies will be simple, elegant and most cost effective.  Eiko will also help stage your house with your furniture and decorating items to create a spacious and welcoming look for the showings.   This process will not only speed up the sales, but brings you the sense of ease and renewed enthusiasm to move into a new phase of your life.

Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremony

Beginnings and Endings are powerful milestones in life.  How we mark these periods of change directly affects their subsequent unfolding.

Eiko will provide traditional ceremonies for space clearing and blessings for all the special occasions in your life.

For the time of new beginning:

  • Moving into a new house or office
  • To celebrate a new relationship & weddings
  • Starting a new career
  • Birth of a child
  • Grand opening of a business
  • Ground breaking for new construction & remodeling project

To mark important events:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Memorials and Celestial markings

For easing difficult life situations:

  • Death in a family
  • Unfortunate events and “bad luck”
  • Illness and injuries
  • Bankruptcy
  • Predecessor problems