For Design Professionals

Feng Shui Consultation for Design Professionals and Developers

This consultation is for Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, City Planners, Developers and Contractors who are interested in incorporating Feng Shui principles into their projects.   Eiko will meet at the beginning of the project and review the plans in progress.

Interior Design Assistance for Home Builders and Contractors

Eiko is available to assist you and your clients to narrow down design selections and make wise and timely decisions to keep your project moving forward.  Even the most informed and visionary client can benefit from her gentle suggestions when they are overwhelmed by the project.

Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremony

Beginnings and Endings are powerful milestones in life.  How we mark these periods of change directly affects their subsequent unfolding.

Eiko will provide traditional ceremonies for space clearing and blessings for all the special occasions in your projects.

For the time of new beginning:

  • At the signing of a contract
  • Ground breaking for new construction & remodeling project

For easing difficult situations:

  • Series of “bad luck”
  • Illness and injuries
  • Legal problems
  • Predecessor problems – a burial ground site, a funeral hall etc.

For the time of completion:

  • At the completion of the project
  • Upon receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy when your clients move in to the home or business